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A collection of code snippets, functions, classes etc for JavaScript (JS), PHP, CSS and others such as Apache Mod Rewrite (htaccess)

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File Name:sorttable.js

Description:An easy way to make your table columns sortable

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Form Validator

File Name:formvalid.js

Description:A JavaScript form validation class with customisable validation types and success/failure functions

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JS Utils

File Name:utils.js

Description:A collection of useful functions to make JS Dev that bit quicker and easier

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File Name:prot.js

Description:A collection of wrappers for safe prototype-style function calls, making modern methods cross-browser compatible with numerous polyfills as well as many new custom methods

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Browser Info

File Name:browser.js

Description:Check browser name/version, whether it's modern, IE and the resolution

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MySQLi DB Class

File Name:db.class.php

Description:PHP Class for managing your MySQLi database querying, caching and table prefixing.

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Session class

File Name:session.class.php

Description:A class to help take control over sessions and session data, including the ability to apply automatic filters/callbacks

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File Class

File Name:file.class.php

Description:PHP Class for managing files - rename, download, unzip, resize and more!

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PDO DB Class

File Name:db.pdo.class.php

Description:PHP Class for managing your PDO database querying, caching and table prefixing.

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Directory Class

File Name:dir.class.php

Description:PHP Class for managing directories - rename, zip, move/copy, delete, fetch contents and more!

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Auth Class

File Name:auth.class.php

Description:Generate salts, hash passwords, get a password strength score and check username/password matches

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